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Welcome, you have come to the source for product news, plant information, industry topics and just about anything going on within the Detroit® brand.

How Detroit Powers Your Sustainability Goals
Our business, as much as your business, is committed to achieving sustainability objectives. If our actions help you to meet your goals, we both win. Read More
The Detroit Assurance® with ABA 5 Suite of Safety Systems and Detroit Connect® are essential drivers of fleet uptime, revenue and success – but they're even more powerful together. Read More
The Future of Diesel: Is Diesel Going Away?
With emerging electric options on the market, as well as new emission standards on the horizon, you might be wondering if diesel is on its way out. Here's how we see the future of diesel – and where we're going next. Read More
Automated Manual Transmissions: A Shift Forward in Vocational Truck Productivity
On the jobsite, there’s a lot competing for an operator’s attention. But thanks to the increasing popularity of the automated manual transmission (AMT), shifting gears doesn’t have to be one of them. Here’s why the AMT is ideal for vocational fleets – and how they make smarter work possible. Read More
Automated Safety: A Vital Element Of Working Smart
Automated safety technology isn’t just important for protecting drivers on the highway. It’s essential for keeping vocational operations running smoothly, too. Here’s why the latest automated safety technology, like the Detroit Assurance® with ABA 5 Suite of Safety Systems, is key to helping you work smart. Read More
Power Meets Purpose: Sustainability at Detroit
More efficient engines. A world-class manufacturing facility. Decades of pushing the limits of what’s possible. When you put it all together, you get a commitment to sustainability that benefits the planet and your bottom line. See how Detroit makes both a reality. Read More
Powertrains: How integrated components drive productivity
Whether your fleet operates on the road or a job site, success depends on everything coming together in just the right ways. But getting work done rides on much more than expert planning and management. It depends on what’s inside every one of your semi trucks: a fully integrated powertrain. Read More
Diving Deeper: What Powers an Electric Truck Fleet?
You know what powers an electric semi truck, but what about an electric truck fleet? That takes the right planning, expertise and technology – all delivered by the right partner. Read More
A Legacy of Detroit Innovation: Top 5 Diesel Technology Milestones
Inside every commercial diesel truck, there is a constant, invisible evolution at play that’s improving engine technology to move our world even better. Let’s pop the hood and take a look at the five most significant milestones of Detroit diesel engine innovation – and see just how far we have come. Read More
How To Make Your EV Fleet A Reality: Chargers And eConsulting
Want to go electric, but aren’t sure where to start? We’ve got your back. There are two key ingredients that you need to build your electric vehicle fleet: the right truck charging stations, and a dedicated team of electric vehicle consultants to help integrate everything seamlessly into your operations. At Detroit, we can provide both – and we’re with you every step of the way. Read More
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